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Welcome to PhotographyGoneWild.ca, a forum for sharing some of my favourite nature moments, as well as my growing passion for wildlife photography. While I have always been an outdoor enthusiast, my interest in wildlife photography was only recently sparked in the fall of 2006 – shortly after my 39th birthday. Since then, my interest in wildlife photography has grown steadily, and there is always more to see and more to learn.

Most of the nature photos here are from my native province of Alberta, whose diverse topography and abundant wildlife provide plenty of fodder for an eager wildlife photographer. Some of my favourite locations in Alberta include: Elk Island National Park ( just east of my home in Edmonton), the Red Deer River Valley (which winds through Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park, and Drumheller Provincial Park), Banff National Park and Jasper National Park ( as well as the provincial Rocky Mountain Parks), Medicine Hat and the Cypress Hills of southern  Alberta, as well as Fish Creek Provincial Park and Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary. As the website expands, you will see more nature photos from  locales such as British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Manitoba, Alaska, Colorado, and Montana.

If you are a return visitor,  you will notice some enticing additions designed to improve your viewing and shopping experience. The Most Recent  gallery now allows you to quickly see any new nature photos that have been added since your last visit.  The  Tim’s Favourites gallery  has been added to showcase what I think are my very best wildlife photos . The Special Collections  is new as well; it offers an array of galleries, each exploring a different theme: Black & White photography, Wildflowers, Family Life, and Sets to name but a few. Of course, you can still peruse the original galleries which are broken into Bird Photos, Animal Photos, and Landscape Photos.

If you are new to Photography Gone Wild, please enjoy viewing the various nature photo galleries and feel free to contact me if you wish to order fine art photographic nature prints or any  of the creative wall art options that are now available. Wildlife photos can be viewed in a number of ways; click on individual photo thumbnails in whichever gallery you choose, and then use arrow keys to navigate, or click on the photos to return to the gallery thumbnails. If that sounds like to much work,  you can simply click to view each gallery as a slide show;  sit back, relax, and enjoy! There is also a search function which allows you to customize your own image results.

For various reasons, bird photography is my favourite discipline, and what first drew me in to the world of wildlife photography, so there will likely always be more bird photos than animal photos or landscape photos.. But, not to worry, whether it’s giant grizzly bear photos you are looking for, or cute little pika pictures, there will always be plenty of animal photos here at Photography Gone Wild.

You can also be sure that all wildlife photos are the genuine article…no animal models or zoo animals are depicted in the Animal Photos’ gallery.  I also find myself growing more and more interested in landscape photography, so expect to see a lot more landscape photos in the future as well. The parks of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains are  very close to my heart so you will find Banff National Park photos and Jasper National Park photos prominently featured in the Landscape Photos’ gallery:  Maligne Lake, Patricia Lake, Athabasca Falls, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Mount Rundle, and Castle Mountain are just a few of my favourite subjects .

For those wanting to buy  fine art photographic nature prints, I now offer  fine art wildlife prints as well as an array of wall art options: float-framed fine art canvas  prints, collage-wall, acrylic mounting, plaque mounting and much more.Fine art photographic nature prints make great  personal or corporate gifts and are a stimulating way to personalize, sensationalize, and energize your home or work environment.  Stunning wildlife photography can really make a statement in your office, business, hotel, motel, restaurant, or resort. Please note that not all photos on this site are available in the large print sizes.

Each nature photo represents a unique moment – never to be repeated again. Part of the magic of nature photography is the ability to capture a slice of, or perhaps even the essence of, this moment. This allows one to relive this moment, to examine it in even greater detail – appreciating things that were likely overlooked in the concision of a moment – and even to remind one’s self years later that this moment ever existed. More importantly, it grants the gift of sharing this moment with others for years to come.

I hope you enjoy viewing these wildlife photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. – Tim Marsh